Monday, July 14, 2008

Recent thoughts and views..phew been a whole year!

It's been quite a long time since I have blogged and there have been some things bothering me lately. Been wanting to get a journal or something to write all this stuff down..but I have no money at the moment and figured that blogging would be just as good. So boyfriend and I have been together for a year and a half now..(oh by the way. I recently turned 20..sigh yes) and we are currently living together in a cute one bedroom basement suite. It's affordable for both of us since we dont have to pay utilities and laundry. :D We've been through a lot of ups and downs, and to be honest, even him and I both know that this relationship shouldn't be working..but love makes us blind and do silly things. And we both do love each other...(if you end up reading this cody green i love you).

Anyway, I have recenlty been engulfed in an interesting anime called Nana. Basically it's about two women aged 20 who lead very different lives but have the same name. They coincidentally meet on a train both going to Toyko, hit it off, live together and become best friends. One Nana is a young woman who wants to lead an independent life and hopes to become famous with her band. the other Nana (whom they call Hachiko) wishes to find true love and happiness. This anime intrigues me because it's very realistic as to what women can feel. For one, Nana wishes to be independent and live the way that she wants to she's very career driven and has to fight for everything. While Hachiko just wishes to find love through many many many trial and errors. She gets hurt and falls a guy because she lusts for him, yet she knows that there is another who truly loves her and she wants to love him back. To many people it may seem really stupid because Hachiko can't make up her mind..but I believe that many people fall in love because of lust (I don't believe is TRUE love..but love none the less) and that confuses her. It doesn't make Hachiko a slut or a spoiled just makes her confused. It's pretty interesting watching the two very different Nanas lead their lives while living in the same life..if that makes any sense.