Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Innocent stereotype, ruined.

And so, I have been put onto the waitlist as I have mentioned before. I emailed the admissions officer to ask about the program in the winter, and it turns out that there isn't. Plus! I'm like.40-45 on the waitlist. Better just go into the program hey? Not going to school feels like there's nothing to do seriously. I really don't like it. It's like when I'm working..but I have nothing to do. So anyway, onto lighter things. I really miss my boyfriend. I had a cousin ask me today if I missed him and I told her hell yes I did! then she asked me on a scale of 1-10 how much I liked him, I told her 9. Where's the extra point? Well damn, no one's perfect. Besides, you can't measure these things! He's doing so much for me, I can't let him down you know!

I heard there's another school shooting in Toronto, and some teenager got killed. What is the world coming to these days? Children, killing other children? That just totally ruins the innocent stereotype that we have for childhood. Isn't childhood something happy and joyous? And isn't the school place supposed to be someplace that is safe and educationtional for kids and teens and young adults? Geez, sometimes I wonder if we're going to have to get life insurance just for going to school!

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