Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Well I finally got my final letter from CNC about my application status into their nursing program. Woo hoo, I was waitlisted. You know what that f-ing means? That's just a nice way of saying nah, you're not smart enough to do this program, so we're going to give you some false hope by saying that you MIGHT get in. If you're lucky. It's so upsetting. The only reason that I'm going down to PG for school is for my boyfriend. He's down there waiting for me, and if I don't go down there to be with him, I think I'm going to explode, never mind him! Plus, PG does have a good nursing program so it's almost like a bonus. But then they fucking tell me that I'm waitlisted?!? What the hell is that supposed to mean? I met all their criteria. God damn it, education should be a right, not for the elite. I want to be smart, but I'm not allowed too. That's what they're saying!

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