Thursday, May 24, 2007

Jumping to Conclusions

My parents, I just realized, love to jump to conclusions. Everything to them is just so black and white, yet they never see how much grey there is in this world. Just like homosexuality. What is so wrong about a man loving another man? Or a woman loving another woman? These people are willing to express themselves against the ways of popular opinion and societies norms because they believe in being themselves. So many people nowadays are trying to be someone else to impress others. Who's there to impress? We have neighbors who are two women living together, and apparently one acts like a man, so they automatically assume that these two women are lesbian. The neighbors have parties that are all women? Hey, ever heard of a girls night out? I mean, they have not seen solid evidence about these two women being lesbian. I mean, if they went out together, held hands and kissed or something, that would be an entirely different story. I dont doubt that my neighbors are lesbian, and even if they are, it's none of our business. Like Russell Peters states "I love it how people concern themselves with things that have nothing to do with them."

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